Forex rebateForex trading is a very popular business today, a business that makes the circulation of money between countries very fast. Forex trading is commonly known as Foreign Exchange, where this business deals with buying and selling foreign currencies.

If you know forex trading, surely you will also know the term forex rebate or forex cashback. Maybe there are still many who don’t know what forex rebate is, especially for friends who have just joined the forex industry, but for those who have been in this industry for a long time, the word forex rebate is familiar to them.

What is forex rebate or cashback ? Many traders know it as the return of trading spreads paid by traders to brokers when trading. The client will receive rebates when the trader joins a forex rebates service provider such as Prenfx when opening a trading account. Through services like Prenfx, spreads paid by traders to brokers will be partially returned to traders.

How does Prenfx as a rebates provider return part of the spreads paid by the traders ? Prenfx as an IB receives a commission for every trade made by a client under us, the commission is partially returned to the client.


Example of rebate calculating :

Client deals a month are 50 lots
Rebates from PrenFX are $ 5 per lot
Then the client’s rebates is 5 x 50 = $ 250


USD $ 250 is the amount of rebates the client receives, whether it’s a loss or profit transaction that the client makes. This is the benefit that users of the forex rebate service provider get, the forex rebate is an additional income that allows traders to increase profits or reduce losses from each trading transaction. With the PrenFX forex rebate, the spread or commission that you pay to the broker is partially returned to you using the rebate payment system that we provide.


Haven’t joined the prenfx forex cashback ( rebate ) service ? Please join with us to receive rebate from us.