Why do you need rebates ? we have discussed on the page what rebates are, the rebate function for you as a trader is the advantage you get when you join the prenfx group. We make it easy for those of you who want to join us. follow the steps below, you will join the prenfx ib group network

  1. We partnered with global regulated forex brokers, please choose our broker partners
  2. Open a real trading account via our ib link
  3. If you already have a real account, please move ib to our network
  4. Add a trading account in our member area, the admin will validate your account. if you not member, Please register here
  5. If your trading account is successfully validated by our staff, the status of the balance rebate can be seen in our member area.
  6. Payment methods are available via Bank wire, Fasapay, Neteller, Paypal , Skrill
  7. Add your epayment system to our member area
  8. The minimum rebate withdrawal is $5 or equivalent
  9. Clients who have a cashback balance that has reached a minimum of $ 30 or more, rebate does not need to request a withdrawal. Our finance department will send automatically to one of the epayments registered in our system that has been added by the client
  10. Rebate will be calculated since the trader validates the account and his trading account is declared ” Active ” by our validation team.