Rebate is a refund part of the cost (spreads) issued trader to enter the foreign exchange market to companies (broker) for the facilities services firm (broker) gave. Rebate is paid by us from some our ib commission. The commission paid by the broker of transactions undertaken by clients under in our affiliate ( ib )

Saferebate service fee is free and we will pay you for your forex trading transaction under our affiliate ( ib ) group

No, we do not have access to your personal trading account. We could not do the activity in your trading account and view all your trading activities because your account is protected using password. Unless you give us password access rights.

To get rebates, traders must be registered under our affiliate or IB. Register an account at a broker via the ib link on the website then validate the account (add a trading account) in our member area

The minimum rebate payment is USD 5, but there is no maximum limit for payment of rebate

Saferebate can be support some payment methods, we pay the rebate use neteller, skrill, fasapay, paypal and bank wire

Please contact our support for more information