Cashback Forex – We provide forex rebate services to clients who join to become traders using the IB link on our website. This service applies to all those registered under the PrenFX group network without exception. This forex rebate service can be enjoyed by all traders anywhere by joining to become a trader under the PrenFX network group. All transactions carried out by traders, be it loss or profit, rebate will be paid to the trader on time.

The steps to receive the prenfx rebate service are explained on the page here, every client has the right to get rebates on the PrenFX service but must know and agree to the terms and conditions of our rebates.

Prenfx Rebate Terms and Conditions :

  1. Clients must be registered under the prenfx ib network ( register via
  2. Trading accounts opened by clients must be validated by our staff by adding a trading account in the prenfx member area.
  3. Only trading accounts that are validated under the prenfx ib network are entitled to receive prenfx rebates
  4. Minimum withdrawal rebates of $ 5 via epayment ( fasapay, skrill, paypal, neteller and bank wire )
  5. Minimum withdrawal rebates use bank wire are $500
  6. Rebates that do not reach the minimum rebates payment limit will be accumulated in the next rebate payment period until they meet the minimum rebates payment limit.
  7. Rebate data is calculated through the brokerage system that traders use and validated by our system for more valid data based on the rebate offer we offer on our website
  8. Rebates will be paid every 2 weeks, detailed info read how to get rebates
  9. Complaints about payment of rebates please contact our staff via email before paying the nearest rebates. Complaints more than 14 days after the scheduled payment will not be served.